East Coast and Islands African diaspora spirituality, witchcraft, sorcery, and folk medicine.

Here is a list of books that will be helpful to those hoping to learn sorcery. None of these are a replacement for a live mentor. Obeah is an exclusive system passed within families or directly from teacher to student, and nothing that you can learn from a book will make you an Obeah-person as far as title. However, you can become a very proficient sorcerer who is able to gain the respect of an Obeah person, who may take you on as a student.


Obeah is not a "new age" or do-as-you-feel magical discipline. Those who were raised into it, or selected as youths may make it look easy, and not be overly arrogant about it, but by the time we are serving the public, we have spent many hours in study, meditation, and practice. If you don't have the patience for reading, we may be very kind to you and even help you somewhat, but you will not be taken seriously.


Helpful Books